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Project Details

Quiet Warrior is a non profit organization with the mission to bring fitness to all without a language barrier. Offering inspiring videos from around the world from outstanding exercise instructors, performers, directors, musicians and videographers. Quiet Warrior has made it a mission to make fitness and healthy habits more accessible.

    MARCH 2021

  • ROLE
    User Interface Designer

    UI Style Guidelines, Wireframes, Interactive High Fidelity Prototype

  • DEMO
    Interactive Prototype

Project Details Continued

UX Design
Creating a visual based online fitness program allows users around the world to participate without language barriers. This unique idea was brought to me from QW founder Doug Pauly after an experience he had in a fitness class he took in another country. We thought it would be great to create a platform that allowed instructors from around the world to share their fitness courses and give people a new way to exercise.

UI Design
Our goal was to create a user interface that was intuitive with more visuals than text. With icons as buttons and large image sizes, this allows users to navigate throughout the site.