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Project Details

Mick and Sue created online fitness program Move Sustainable Fitness to bring their expertise into people's homes. The vision was to have a site where they could share workout videos, how-to videos, and provide meal plans to their members.

    SEPT-NOV. 2020

  • ROLE
    Web Designer, User Experience Designer, Social Media Stratagist, Photographer & Video Editor

    Brand Guide, Website, Brand Photos/Videos, Social Media Design Layout

Project Details Continued

UX Design
We chose the membership platform, Podia, as it had the capabilities Mick and Sue needed for their memberships. While the Podia platform provides a web builder, the design is pretty limited and did not align with our vision for Mick and Sue. I decided on coding a site (using HTML/CSS/JS) and integrating the Podia checkout system to make the experience seamless. Current and future clients are able to log into their Podia membership dashboard, buy a membership plan or meal plan, or get in contact with Mick and Sue all in one place. With the Facebook messenger plug-in on the front page, customers are able to reach out with any questions they may have.

UI Design
Mick and Sue had their logo done prior to the website, so I stuck to the color palette and created a brand guide, selecting the web fonts in order to be consistent on all online platforms. Creating a clean and functional site was of first priority, but I also added some animated GIFS to each page to give the site a wow factor. The animated GIFs allow customers to get a feel for the types of workouts they will be doing, as well as see Mick and Sue in action.